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TENNESSEE PARANORMAL INVESTIAGATION TEAM - A group paranormal researchers from Chattanooga, Tennessee dedicated to the advancement of our field through the continuous study of the paranormal using scientific means. Interviews Paranormal Investigator Gina Lanier To hear the entire interview listen here now!


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The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

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Ghost Photos
What Does Gina Lainer Do When She Sees A Ghost?
as seen on hauntedamericatours.com

What does Gina Lainer Do When she Sees A Ghost?
Gina Lainer Ghost hunter/Investigator shares her investigation tips.
"Always try to stay as calm as you possibly can," states, Gina Lanier, Ghost Hunter/Investigator.

My very first Ghost experience was nothing really out of the ordinary. I quite simply saw a man looking at me with a mean sneer. "I just thought it was a human being giving a human response to something." says Gina, matter of factly. Suddenly, as I turned away, I turned back, he was gone.That is when I realized it was not a man, but a real Ghost. I was taken aback. Later that night, I tried to remember every detail I notice;, what he wore. his hair his shoes his smell. Every specific, tiny thing I noticed that made me realize that this was a real ghost. From there, as they say, Ghost Hunting history was made.

This is a room in a home in Haunted California. It is where a 55 year old woman died. Confined to bed for 15 years, They found her sitting on the foot of the bed dead. They say she was trying to leave the room.
I see a face in the photo over the grave to the right. It Was the grave of a young man that died in a car accident. This photo was taken in a Haunted Texas Cemetery.

I have been told many times that I am psychic. Tthat is why I see Ghost as a real person. Others say they see nothing. I must be one of the very lucky few that see the ghostly other dimensions, colliding in our daily world. I have had others say they see nothing; then take a photo, which only shows orbs or ectoplasm. But, I insist I saw what appeared to be as a real live "living" person in the very spot.

On any ghost hunt please hold fast! Panicking is not the answer. So often, I tell others who are Ghost hunting with me, novice or master Ghost Investigator, to note this is if you really want to see one of course.

I do want to try to enjoy the paranormal experience I am having. I want to analyze it, treasure it and know it to be real. Most people do not realize they have seen a real Specter, ghost or entity until after the fact. Many find that they think it is just an odd person they have noticed doing an odd gesture or stance.

This is a room in a home in Haunted California. It is where a 55 year old woman died. Confined to bed for 15 years, They found her sitting on the foot of the bed dead. They say she was trying to leave the room.
I see a face in the photo over the grave to the right. It Was the grave of a young man that died in a car accident. This photo was taken in a Haunted Texas Cemetery.

My second Ghost encounter was when I thought I saw a living woman. I was at a large old funeral home. A well dressed woman in her late 50's walked by me, smiled and winked at me as she walked passed. I noticed a beautiful diamond broach pin on her lapel and the strong smell of her perfume. Her hair was beautiful, not a wisp out of place. Her makeup was flawless. I watched her when she turned the corner until she walked pass me. She even winked at me like a nice acknowledgment of hello. I thought how odd she is not wearing shoes. I turned around in just a second as she passed my side, almost brushing against me to see her from the back, and there was no one there." That's when I realized I had seen a real ghost." I walked around the funeral home trying to find her. After half an hour, looking for her, I did not give up. I knew she was there I kept smelling her perfume. Then, I went into a different parlor. Another funeral was going on,(not the one I was attendin) It was there, I found her! There she was, dressed as before, the perfect hair and the stunning diamond pin, and perfume filled the air ,that beautiful haunting fragrance. She was the person in the coffin.

This is a A Haunted Alabama Motel bathroom where somone hanged themselves. Each night between the hours of 8:pm And 9:pm you can hear the noise of a body banging against the tub. The usually save this room for late check ins.
This Ghost apears at a Haunted Georgia High School. On these stairs is where a young Girl fell and died in 1992. She still haunts the stairs daily at 10:05 am. Many witness's say they see her, others say they hear her body fall hard.

After the event, I went out to my car to write it down. Relating honestly and exactly how it all happened. Writing what I saw and with as much exact detail as I might remember. I also tried to note the particular smell of her perfume. The sensations such as cold spots, gusts of air, slight feelings of nausea. the music playing or other audible sounds, voices or conversations in the backgroun. I also had feelings of being watched or touched, etc. I always relate what was experienced by my five senses. Artist by no means, I try to sketch what I saw.

Drawing and writing about what the Ghost was wearing, including the style of clothing, shoes, glasses, hats, etc. Anything that may give an indication or clue of a particular time period or era, that Is what I feel is most important when dealing with Ghost, or a Haunting from other periods in time. I feel their history and placing is important. I often draw a detailed diagram of where the apparition was seen, and where I was when the event took place. In haunted houses or haunted buildings, I note furniture placement taste, and style. I write about the fabrics, and window treatment. I note lighting or other features that are not necessarily in relation to the sighting. I feel that you never know what might be the reason of the haunting and one of these factors might be part of it. I think no stone should ever be left unturned.

This particular Haunted Arkansas ghost In life died while sitting on this toilet. I walked into the bathroom and when I opened the door I saw him it took 2 weeks before this image could be captured on film. The Ghost would appear only on a rainy night at 6pm.
Is It glich in the film or another ghost photo? Gina Lanier asks for you to decide. This Photo was taken at a recent music club concert accidently. not sure if it was a trick of the lights or a full fledged ghost photo.

What time of day the event took place, the weather conditions and temperature are very important to a haunting. Some ghost might be a rainy day Ghost, or morning ghost , or lunch time ghost. I usually record all the insignificant, what you might think general information regarding how the event made you feel (sad, happy, frightened, etc.). Also, any pertinent, unusual circumstances surrounding the Ghostly sighting, including storms, power outages,and other people working in the area. I feel, as a Ghost Investigato,r documentation is the vital key.

I try to find other people present, or listen to their stories, including that of children. I always ask if they own a pet that might have witnessed the event, and ask how they have been affected. I always investigate the experience further then I think I should, including trying to search out who the ghost might have been. Why they haunt the way they do, or where they haunt. I feel it is good to be skeptical.. I attempt to rule out any explainable cause for the occurrence. I feel that as a true Ghost Investigator, one should always strive for more and try to access an area in great detail. This is what my Ghost Investigator creditability is all about.

When investigating a haunting of any type, I take with me my 5 different cameras, two are digital. Four voice recorders, two are digital and two that are tape, Six video cameras. two are video tape, the others are digital. As for placing digital voice recorders at a haunting, I will leave one in an empty room to see what it might collect, the same for a cameras. I also bring along batteries, flashlights and meters and all the usual ghost hunting equipment. The cameras and recorders are the most important part of it all.

Ghost like form floats over family portraits and old piano. Could this old baby grand piano be the cause of this haunting or the photos of the deceased family members.
Strange blurry smoke? reflected in flash. personally I think this is just what it looks like. reflected smoke in a flash often produces ghost like images.

Here are the most important things to be careful of when experimenting with taking ghost photographs:

1.Make sure that you have nothing protruding in front of the camera lens. Know where your camera strap is at all times! Notice how many so-called "ghost photos" that you see look like camera straps or like a finger.

2. Be sure that your lens is clean and covered when not in use.

3. Make sure that the weather is cooperating with your photographs. By this, I mean make sure that it is not raining or snowing. Round balls of glowing light that are photographed during a rain storm are not exactly overwhelming proof of the supernatural.

4. Make sure that conditions are not damp, promoting moisture on your camera lens.

5. Be sure to point the camera away from reflective surfaces when using a flash. Avoid mirrors and windows in a house and polished tombstones when shooting at night in a cemetery. The light from the flash bouncing off this surface can refract back onto your camera lens and create "orbs" that are not of paranormal origins in all cases.

So, when searching out and investigating Ghost hauntings, remember, documentation is the key. And to all I say, "Happy Haunting!"

SUGGESTED PROFESSIONAL GHOST HUNTING PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION TOOLS OF THE TRADE FOR YOU TO PURCHASE. Ghost hunting equipment: These are the most commonly State of the art and must have recommended items for use in ghost hunting and Paranormal investigations. Gina Lanier's PROFESSIONAL PARANORMAL EQUIPMENT SHOP

Gina Lanier can be contacted to answer your ghost hunting questions. Email her at mskitowhawk@yahoo.com.

Story and Ghost Photos by Gina Lanier
Gina Lanier has been hunting and Investigating Ghost , Haunted houses, and the paronormal for over 28 years. She has traveled the Continetial United States Documenting her many Chilling experiences. Her forth coming book Haunted Nation will be published sometime in 2007.

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GINA LANIER is a New Orleans native who has studied paranormal activities, the occult and hauntings for nearly thirty years. She has participated in and conducted large-scale location hauntings and recently has shifted her focus to include the investigation and study of haunted toys such as dolls, toy furniture, games and other hallmarks of childhood.

Do You Believe In Real Ghosts And Hauntings?

The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts. Please visit with us now!

Gina Lanier has been selected by Haunted America Tours as one of the lead investigators for its soon-to-be-launched Ghost Hunters Of America. If you would like to contact Gina, please submit your request and as much information as possible about your situation to her:

504 915 5505


The term 'haunt,' comes from the same root as 'home.' Typically, a haunted location is the former home of the deceased, or the spot where the deceased died.

There is not necessarily a constant pattern to a actual real ghost haunting (A disembodied soul; especially : the soul of a dead person believed to be an inhabitant of the unseen world or to appear to the living in bodily likeness.). Some phenomena manifest themselves periodically or continually over durations that may be short - a matter of days - or long, going on for centuries. Some hauntings occur only on particular or certain specific times "anniversary" dates: A residual haunting is a playback of a past good or bad event. The apparitions involved are not spirits, they are what somme refer to as " astral historic mental recordings" of the event.

Not everyone who visits or lives in a reputedly real haunted house will often experience the same phenomena of real spirits ghost or evil demons.

Actual hauntings sometimes can be brought to an abrupt end through an actual ritual exorcism conducted either by clergy or by a medium or psychic who reportedly can communicate with the ghost or spirit believed to be responsible for the haunting. Some hauntings end of their own accord for reasons to often unknown.

Those haunted places that seem to be 'psychic readings,' or impressions that certain people can receive, do not respond to exorcisms. Such hauntings seem to be endless re-enactments of events. What causes the playback of a haunting or mysterious ghost event, is often ones on conjecture. Is it the right weather conditions, the witness's energy or sensitivity or some type of energy release? That is the question that we as haunted ghost researchers are always trying to answer.

It is popularly assumed that most hauntings involve visual apparitions, or ghosts, of the dead. In fact, apparitions are associated with a minority of reported cases. Most hauntings involve noises, such as mysterious footsteps, rustlings, whisperings, animal sounds and howlings, thumps, tapings and rapping's; smells, especially of flowers, perfume, burned wood or rotting flesh or matter; tactile sensations such as a cold prickling of the skin, cold breezes and feelings of being touched by an invisible hand. Some hauntings feature poltergeist activities such as rearranged furniture, stopped clocks, smashed glassware and mirrors, and the paranormal movement of objects.

Psychics often experience negative emotions at a haunted site, including anger, fear or hatred. They also may sense a presence of evil. Other hauntings seem to involve friendly or benign ghosts. Some mediums say they can contact trapped spirits of the dead who are haunting sites, and are able to send them on their way to the other side.

Some ghost hauntings also feature phantom animals, such as deceased pet dogs, cats, snakes, birds, horses, pigs, hamsters and of course wild animals reflected as wolf, bear or even eagle, jaguar and lion spirit totems of the American and Aboriginal tribes and South American Indians, which are often more so seen, felt or heard in familiar spots. In India and Pakistan several areas or said to be haunted by the many ghost and spirits of monkeys, elephants and tigers. One ghostly frightening encounter of apparitions are of cobras or giant snakes, often many ghost stories surfaces in many areas of these phantom snakes. The tomb of Marie Laveau New Orleans voodoo queen is said to be haunted by her voodoo familiar, snake named Zombi.

Objects as well as sites may be haunted. In Great Britain, for example, numerous tales exist of haunted skulls that seem to cause unearthly screaming whenever they are removed from their places in a home. Ebay has seen it's share of haunted antique furniture, paintings , dolls and common house hold appliances and jewelry go up for sale in more recent times.

Poltergeist ( pol·ter·geist Pronunciation: 'pOl-t&r-"gist: German, from poltern to knock + Geist spirit: a noisy usually mischievous ghost held to be responsible for unexplained noises (as rappings) hauntings are characterized by very frighteningly violent physical disturbances such as flying and levitating objects, banging doors, disappearing objects and physical assaults on humans. These disturbances often seem to be caused by energy from living persons; there is though some credible evidence that some poltergeists may be actual discarnate spirits.

Little is known about why or how hauntings occur. Thousands of hauntings have been systematically investigated by researchers and parapsychologists since the late 19th century. Many explanations have been proposed, but there is no conclusive evidence to support one more strongly than another. Federic W. H. Myers, one of the founders of the Society For Psychical Research (SPR), London, who did extensive research of apparitions in the late 19th century, believed that most hauntings are fragmentary and meaningless, the bits and pieces of an energy residue left by the living after their death. Others who have built on Myers' theory propose that hauntings do not involve ghostly personalities, but are those recordings of energy that take on personalities to percipients who are psychically sensitive. Psychic sensitivity may account for diverse experiences phenomena and another does not.

Elenor Sidgwick, former secretary of the SPR, theorized that hauntings are a form of psychometry. Just as an object appears to absorb and retain the 'vibrations' of it's owner, which manifest as impressions when the object is handled by a medium or psychic, then houses might also retain memories or psychic impressions. A house could incorporate the thoughts, actions and feelings of it's former occupants, which then manifest as a haunting to psychically sensitive.

Oxford philosopher Henry Habberly Price and American parapsychologist William G. Roll are among those who have elaborated upon Sidgwick's theory. Price's theory, called "deferred telepathy," posits that there exists a "psychic ether" that is a bridge between mind and matter and impregnates all matter and space. Certain thoughts and events are impressed upon this ether and remain on it for long periods, even years. When tragedies occur, the appropriate psychic conditions are created and lasting impressions result. Sensitive persons coming into contact with a haunted house might telepathically contact these thoughts and emotions which are then "replayed" as hauntings. "Deferred telepathy" has been criticized by others for not explaining movements of objects that are sometimes reported in hauntings.

Roll has proposed that all objects have a psi field that pervades and exudes from them. A sensitive individual contacts and reads the impressions of a house from it's psi field during a haunting. This theory had suffered some of the same criticism as Price's theory, particularly since persons who have little or no demonstrable psychic ability have witnessed hauntings.

Many leading parapsychologist often have re-studied several hundred cases of hauntings and analyzed their characteristics, relating them to different theories of hauntings and to Spiritistic theory. Bozzano came to five conclusions in support of his belief that hauntings were spirits of the dead: phantoms of the dead can haunt sites where they did not die and had not lived; hauntings consist of telekinetic movement of objects that suggests some type of physical presence; hauntings are associated with deaths to a greater extent than other types of tragedies or emotions; hauntings are intermittent; and when such actions as exorcism and prayers for the dead are preformed, the said actual hauntings stop, recede or actually end.

An explanation for at least some real ghost sightings, manifestations or actual hauntings often suggested by many paranormal ghost investigators is that of the "portal theory," an opening to another or often other dimensions that allows spirits or ghost to enter our physical world. Belief in haunted doors or portals is universal. Certain places that have been so deemed sacred quite often serve as natural portals. Wells have often been recognized as natural entryways for spirits to manifest.

Other portals can or do so open at places associated with death, such as funeral homes, haunted mansions, morgues, cemeteries, battlefields, public parks, bridges, and natural disaster sites; Often places associated with trauma and intense emotions, such as airports, train stations, hospitals, Jails, court houses, crossroads where accident are frequent, lonely roads in the middle of nowhere, hotels, schools, public highways, churches and theatres; and lonely places such as lighthouses and devastated hurricane and tornado destroyed areas or entire cities.

Too numerous or the actual remedies to end hauntings, they do so exist around the world. Some are really simple, such as sweeping out the ghost with a broom, or just asking the offending spirit nicely to leave. Other cures are more elaborate, such as formal Catholic rites of exorcism or ghost removal rituals. Such hard actions or grave measures do not always succeed when performed by a novice. Often most tend to aggravate the situation more if not professionally handled.

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